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Gangrenous cholecystitis was typically a disease entity identified at autopsy as patients usually did not survive.
Identification of this anatomic space may be difficult in cases of acute or chronic inflammation, which is often secondary to cholecystitis.
The patients with acute cholecystitis, who received medical treatment and were operated on an elective basis, were excluded from this study.
Complaints and symptoms may be atypical in patients with retrocecal appendicitis and can imitate right upper quadrant and right flank pathologies such as acute cholecystitis, renal colic, and diverticulitis (9).
The study involved patients with symptomatic cholelithiasis with chronic cholecystitis undergoing either laparoscopic or open cholecystectomy in this institute.
Comparison of the data from 2 years showed no difference in gender, American Society of Anaesthesiologists level, grade of acute cholecystitis and frequency of use of empiric antibiotics (p>0.
Of these 33 cases were diagnosed as XGC, other cases included the cases of chronic cholecystitis (which formed the bulk), empyema and acute on chronic cholecystitis with few cases of carcinoma.
Inflammation, cholecystitis and hence adhesion formation is often more sever in elderly patients than those in younger age group.
If you have had repeated episodes of cholecystitis, or previous abdominal surgery, you may have internal scarring that makes open surgery necessary to remove your gallbladder.
It should be taken in consideration when encountering patients with symptoms of acute cholecystitis, because the condition is associated with 100% mortality if left untreated.
Differential diagnosis includes GERD, cholecystitis