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One study classified enteroliths into two classes, primary which are formed within the lumen of bowel by concretions of normal chylous substances such as choleric acid, calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate.
Also, although he does note that patients were more likely than ordinaires to mention their temperament (sanguine, choleric, etc.
Supply vaccine Dukoral * OS 2 fl 3 ml - choleric vaccine inactivated, whole cell - CIG 5788226333.
Ah well, when that crustiest of commentators John Junor, choleric editor of the Sunday Express in its glory years, was disgusted by some piece of parliamentary hypocrisy, his response was always, "Pass the sick bag, Alice".
In this system, physiognomic schemata might reveal standardized personality types (sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic, melancholic, etc.
According to this medieval theory of medicine, yellow bile or choler, the humor that governs anger, spirit and courage, makes a person choleric, or hot-tempered.
I SET out below a few observations on the choleric views of Mr George Roddam Currie carried prominently in The Journal (Agenda, November 29).
Terribly impatient, choleric, 1 get furious and sometimes extremely irksome.
It was September, and I was there to see for myself the "Frankencorn" that haunts activists' choleric imaginations.
In addition to reddening facial complexion--particularly of the choleric constitution Bardolph says he has (2.
Four personality types are linked with people's teeth: sanguine or dynamic (triangular-shaped), choleric or strong (rectangular-shaped), melancholic or sensitive (oval-shaped) and phlegmatic or peaceful (square-shaped).
for those with choleric temperament "dances with enthusiasm and endearing temperament" were chosen, emotional, soft, sentimental, affectionate, filled with love and compassion.