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Use the free online locator to find a cholesterol screening location in your area -- Learn heart healthy lifestyle tips, recipes and tools -- Enter the Beautify Your Heart sweepstakes for a chance to win a heart makeover getaway for you and your friends
as a partner in the recently announced Vision Racing Wellness Tour to provide free diabetes educational information as well as cholesterol screenings at the IndyCar Series during the 2008 racing season.
Although prior guidelines, established in 1992, estimated that 25 percent of children and adolescents should be targeted for cholesterol screening, more recent studies suggest the number is actually between 36 percent and 46 percent.
Home cholesterol screening tests, like those found at sports expos and health fairs, are probably not worth the trouble.
A preventive health screening was defined as receiving one or more of the following: general preventive health visit, cholesterol screening, colorectal cancer screening, or prostate cancer screening.
Q: Should physicians routinely incorporate CRP testing along with cholesterol screening to monitor the overall risk profile of their patients?
It suggests that cholesterol screening confers benefits primarily on people with a high short-term risk of dying from heart disease-survivors of a heart attack and middle-aged men with multiple risk factors.
Keywords: point of care, POC, point of care testing, POCT, diagnostic testing, near-patient testing, rapid testing, blood glucose monitoring, blood gas and electrolytes, rapid coagulation tests, rapid cardiac markers, drugs of abuse screening, urine strips testing, pregnancy testing, fecal occult blood analysis, food pathogens screening, hemoglobin diagnostics, infectious disease testing, cholesterol screening.
Doctor's advice: Start cholesterol screening early to cut risk
fewer than about 50% in the other physician-mix groups; nearly 40% received cholesterol screening vs.
Of all survivors (from all five cohorts) who were seeing both a primary care physician and an oncology specialist, 60% received flu shots, compared with fewer than about 50% in the other physician-mix groups; nearly 40% received cholesterol screening, compared with between 20% and just over 30% in the other groups; about 33% received colorectal cancer screening, compared with about 13%-22% in the other groups; and about 18% underwent bone densitometry, compared with fewer than 14% in the other groups, Dr.
Further underlining the limitations of cholesterol screening in assessing heart disease risk, a new study by physicians at UC Davis is the first to conclusively link C-reactive protein (CRP) to formation of blood clots, a major cause of heart attacks, strokes and other vascular disease.

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