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It can be concluded that hydroalcoholic extract of ginger has a relaxation effect on isolated trachea mostly via inhibition of cholinergic receptor and cholinergic system.
Tobacco and alcohol use may be related at least partially because both nicotine and alcohol affect brain nicotinic cholinergic receptors (Collins 1990; Little 2000).
Altered striatal function and muscarinic cholinergic receptors in acetylcholinesterase knockout mice.
1 mM), the cholinergic receptor agonist acetylcholine (10 nM-1 mM) and the P2-purinoceptor agonist ATP (0.
The cerebellar changes in the later stages of development, however, could not have been the result of cholinesterase inhibition because the cerebellum is not innervated with cholinergic receptors like the forebrain is (Crumpton et al.
In a class yet to be affected by generic competition, growth in the Alzheimer's market will be driven by the launch of new types of drugs including GABA receptor modulators, anti-amyloid protein agents and nicotinic and cholinergic receptor agonists
Moreover, given serpentine's potent in vitro AchE inhibitory activity and low cholinergic receptor affinity, it is conceivable that minor structural modifications may yield a potent and selective AchE inhibitor, potentially useful for the pharmacological management of conditions such as Alzheimer's disease and/or myasthenia gravis.
These compounds target and stimulate the nicotinic alpha-7 cholinergic receptor.
The invention described in the patent embodies novel approaches to inhibit the cellular release of pro-inflammatory cytokines through administration of cholinergic receptor agonists or direct stimulation, including electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve.
Studies with cholinergic receptor blocking agents and protein kinase C inhibitors indicated two distinct types of effects, one mediated through stimulation of nicotinic cholinergic receptors and the other targeting intracellular signaling.
Muscarinic cholinergic receptor binding in the longitudinal muscle of the guinea pig ileum with [sup.
The autonomic nervous system is regulated by adrenergic and cholinergic receptors in the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems respectively.