choose an alternative

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On the anniversary of Christ's death the church encourages people to abstain from eating meat and instead choose an alternative - such as fish.
The Richmond cycle track cannot be maintained during construction, but signs and shared lane markings (sharrows) have been installed to indicate that cyclists can use the full width of the lane (single-file with motorists) or choose an alternative street.
If entering a refraction out of range, it will still calculate the theoretical power, so practitioners can choose an alternative contact lens.
is has allowed more S1 placing requests to be granted, where parents wish to choose an alternative to their catchment school.
Sources have revealed that Facebook is working on an edit tool for its Look Back videos that would allow users to choose an alternative photo/ clip and replace it with the not-so-flattering picture in the original video.
The head of the Iraqiya, Iyad Allawi has called on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to resign and demanded the National Alliance to choose an alternative.
The agreement also allowed Zynga to choose an alternative to Facebook Payments for buying virtual items and opt not to showcase ads via Facebook.
Customers will have an option to choose an alternative route and cabbies will have to ask them if they are willing to take a Salik route or an alternative route," said Shakeri.
1 Club Gold members who reserve a compact car or larger, the chance to choose an alternative comparable vehicle at pick up for no extra charge.
Graham Smith, campaign manager for the anti-monarchy group Republic, said: "I wholly support Bethan's call and would suggest the idea is expanded to the whole of the UK so that everyone can choose an alternative day to celebrate with a day off.
We were simply sent a letter asking us to choose an alternative area of the ground, Glen Marray said.
Mr Brown's proposal would allow people to choose an alternative vote system which would allow them to rank candidates in order of preference.