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But it still refuses to open its local markets so those customers could choose an alternative provider if they don't like being force-fed Verizon's take it or leave it, one-size-fits-all offering," Casteel said.
Residential customers who do not choose an alternative supplier will receive a 5 percent reduction in the generation portion of the bill, or about $2.
TenderLand views this possible situation as unfair to ratepayers who have benefited by deregulation and exercised their right to choose, or plan to choose an alternative electric service provider," said TenderLand Chief Financial Officer Ken Keddington.
PG&E and MID customers could choose an alternative electric supplier in accordance with each organization's direct access program.
Customers would also continue to have the current option to choose an alternative energy supplier.
Those selected to participate in the pilot will receive a packet of relevant information to help them choose an alternative power supplier.
Avoid Traffic Delays -- When stopped on highways, SmartDetour(TM) automatically offers the option to choose an alternative route around traffic.
It should be noted that the rate freeze is limited to customers that receive bundled electric service from ComEd and does not affect those customers that choose an alternative energy provider or elect to have ComEd supply power at market based rates (purchase power option).
Under the Electricity Generation Customer Choice and Competition Act, consumers statewide now have the option to participate in a pilot program in which they can choose an alternative electric supplier and save about 10 percent on their monthly bill.
As a first step in this direction, as of January 2002 the Portuguese regulator widen the right to choose an alternative supplier to all consumers connected to the medium voltage grid, disregarding its size, as currently is in the Spanish electricity market.
The release of this solution puts Brock a step ahead of our competitors, allowing our customers to choose an alternative method in which their field representatives communicate with the home office," said Brock Vice President of Marketing, Mary Committe.
Tivoli has worked with IP storage vendors for more than a year to make its products available to customers who choose an alternative to Fibre Channel storage networking.