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Sahar Salab, Chairwoman of HitekNOFAL who also heads an angel investment fund that specialises in women-owned enterprises, is Egypt's top female financier and does not believe those who live in poverty can afford to be choosey over modes of finance.
After cleansing, choosey consumers normally reach for a product that will correct or prevent--or both.
Emma Watson, her sister thinks, has more refined expectations than she, for having been raised by a rich aunt the promise of a handsome dowry allowed her to be more choosey about the matter.
However, for young professionals, this creates a wealth of opportunities and the ability to be choosey.
Over the last couple of years, we have become more choosey because we've seen degrees of leverage in some of the pools [that] are indigestible.
Cheryl Petersen, on the other hand, is not so choosey.
His department--which leases out office space, medical clinic space, apartments and multi-family houses, and retail properties--can be choosey about who gets in.
I suppose when you have as much money to spend as he does you can afford to be choosey.
Programs specializing in these areas have incredibly high job placement rates, and graduates can often be very choosey.
This highlights the fact that companies can afford to be choosey, but not slow.
Since Rajinikanth just recovered from his ailing health, he is choosey about taking up projects.