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And there's no shortage of skin care add-ons: eye and neck treatments, skin lightening items, complexion-evening creams and age-and-stage specific lines are all in the offering for today's choosey consumer.
These practices will be especially important during the predicted future worker shortages in the mental health field, where potential workers can be particularly "choosey" about their employment opportunities.
Emma Watson, her sister thinks, has more refined expectations than she, for having been raised by a rich aunt the promise of a handsome dowry allowed her to be more choosey about the matter.
The abundance of marketing/advertising majors translates into a ratcheting-up effect that means that the advertising industry can afford to be choosey and seek only the best and the brightest graduates.
In other words, for a given [V.sub.i]/[U.sub.i] ratio, this means that workers attached to sector 1 search more intensively or that sector 1 firms are less choosey about whom they employ.
Equally, however, it has to be recognized that high safety standards cost money and that poorer countries (just like poorer individuals) are less able to afford to be choosey (see Garen 1988; Jones-Lee 1989).
LITTLE CHOOSEY (1.10) can claim a tight-looking sprint for trainer Steve Bowring.
Certainly cats are often more choosey about what they eat but, because cats lick their feet and fur, they can potentially ingest things they would not intentionally eat.
At Derwent Reservoir good catches have been taken from all areas as fish have been eager to feed, though choosey at times.