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Hospitals themselves have become choosier landlords as, for example, they seek quick-service eateries that offer both fast and healthy options.
Whereas in the past employers held all the cards, now we are finding that candidates are often getting through to a number of interviews and can therefore be choosier about the roles they are going for.
As a result I was a lot choosier on what my fifth book would be, and that's when I had my first 'Aha
With the abundance of regional trade shows popping up across the country and gaining in popularity, companies are becoming choosier about which shows to exhibit at; however United Fresh remains a popular choice among industry veterans.
The film won critical acclaim and vindicated Carey's decision to be choosier about the roles she took.
So, before clamping down further on conference activities with another round of legislative or policy freezes, Congress should take stock of the impacts of its current policy and be a little bit choosier about which conferences it wants federal employees to avoid and which conferences it wants them to attend.
I certainly don't condone the actions of these individuals, but let's be a little bit choosier with our adjectives.
The line between winning and losing mutual funds was also more pronounced than in 2013, which means investors had to be choosier to make gains.
In addition to being choosier, consumers are also experiencing tighter restrictions on their free-time, with the lines between daytime and nighttime activities increasingly blurred, asserts Robert Brands, president and CEO of VariBlend, Greenville, SC.
All of the parties agreed that the situation is likely to change as the market becomes busier and contractors can become choosier about the work they are prepared to take on.
The implementation of Basel III capital requirements is expected to push the cost of credit higher and make banks a little choosier about which companies they offer credit.
The company had been struggling to maintain growth in China, its second-largest market, as shoppers there became choosier about which brands they buy.