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From this month, the Pilgrims Choice range will sport new packaging featuring an embossed gold crest saying Choosiest Cheese Company.
Treatment-type products, such as dandruff shampoos, offer a host of benefits to please even the choosiest consumers.
5-inch LCD are just a few of the features on this model that are sure to please even the choosiest photo buff.
But there is also a good selection of pasta, meat and vegetarian dishes to tempt the choosiest palate.
FOR a would-be critic, ANGELA HARKIN, 24, from Glasgow, admits she's not the choosiest of television viewers.
But the female long-tailed manakin is possibly the choosiest chick in the animal kingdom.
Debenhams' own labels; J Taylor, Maine and Casual Club provide a variety of different themes for the choosiest shopper.
If the trend is down, that is, if the rating agencies deem that the country or province deserves a slightly lower credit rating, the choosiest investors will place their funds elsewhere, while others will demand a higher rate of interest to lend money to that government.
This afternoon, half a cigarette smoked and stubbed out in her empty hotel glass, Hollywood's choosiest young actress and the new Mrs.