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From this month, the Pilgrims Choice range will sport new packaging featuring an embossed gold crest saying Choosiest Cheese Company.
The 24-hour buffet alone has enough variety to keep the choosiest chef quiet.
In a section of the park enthusiastic husband and wife Rob and Jos have set up camp in a way that would delight even the choosiest eco-tourist.
Happily for mums with fashion-conscious daughters, the world is finally taking notice of tall youngsters and there are finally inexpensive options available to suit even the choosiest teen.
Treatment-type products, such as dandruff shampoos, offer a host of benefits to please even the choosiest consumers.
Still, you might argue that the choosiest females select not just for strength and money or its zoological equivalents, but for the superfluous energy that humor and panache imply.
5-inch LCD are just a few of the features on this model that are sure to please even the choosiest photo buff.
But there is also a good selection of pasta, meat and vegetarian dishes to tempt the choosiest palate.
FOR a would-be critic, ANGELA HARKIN, 24, from Glasgow, admits she's not the choosiest of television viewers.
We've picked out five of these cars, guaranteed to satisfy even the choosiest of drivers.