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Today, people demand more pleasure and meaning from their work, and this growing choosiness has led more and more of them to sacrifice substantial time and money to learn another occupation.
He'll elect not to do a deal, he'll elect not to do five deals in a row," Tighe said, explaining how Solow's choosiness can grate on the leasing agents who work to fill his space because they only receive commissions when deals are signed.
How does this affect selection of female phenotypic characters, such as choosiness and avoidance behavior?
vatia in these populations reproduces several times in his lifetime (LeGrand & Morse 2000), one might predict a tendency for choosiness, especially since they do not mate in rapid succession.
Note that male competition and female choosiness are the usual patterns among most species, and especially among mammals, though there are exceptions to this rule.
Donaldson's supplier, Mark Whitney of Whitney and Son Seafoods in Hudson, Florida, confirms his client's choosiness.
That choosiness allows him to tout near-perfect success rates-patients who gain 20/20 vision or better.
In short, the contraction in both venture funding and liquidation markets has led to more choosiness on both sides.