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SEAT THAT Funky Ibiza is a great second-hand buy; REIGN IN SPAIN Ibiza sold well so be choosy when you buy yours
There are lots of these around both inside and out of the main dealer network so you have some room to be a bit choosy.
He wanted to meet a girl like me who was choosy and respectable.
Dog owners are more choosy than cat lovers about staying at pet friendly establishments, while 37 per cent would pay more to stay at places that make pets welcome.
Richard will also be enlisting the help of a top French chef to help mums combat picky eaters who love faddy foods as well as serving up a fail-safe recipe for your choosy children.
With more than 335,000 used and new cars, you can afford to be choosy.
"This time mas choosy na kami, mas interesting pa ang tugtog," Glem said.
Duterte said he would be choosy in granting media interviews because of reports linking his family to the narcotics trade.
'Not only do the skills mismatch signify wastage of human resources but they also put into question the view often expressed in the media that youth are 'choosy' about jobs - they should not be considered 'choosy' if they are doing jobs below what they are educated or trained for.'
The 46 year-old actress stated that she has been choosy in her relationships because most of the men would only come in with the intention to sleep with her and not really to spend life with her.
We are not at all choosy. We wouldn't do anything bad to an animal and certainly not to children.
Known for shows like Banoo Main Teri Dulhann and Miilee, he says there is a lot of uncertainty involved when it comes to the small screen, and not everyone can afford to be choosy.