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New Delhi [India], Sept 07 ( ANI ): Bobby Deol, who is making his comeback on the big screen with 'Poster Boys', recently revealed that it was because people became choosy about him that he didn't do any film in the last four years.
The vast North American pipeline network is choosy about the gas it handles.
Residents include Stephen Schwarzman, Ronald Lauder and Vera Wang, and the famously choosy co-op board has rejected the likes of Joan Crawford and Nelson Peltz in the past.
A choosy hospital and a choosy pocketbook thief in England?
Be a bit more choosy which means not jumping into bed with every guy you meet and hoping it will develop into a love affair.
Roxanne Amir-Mohammadi, brand manager for Pom-Bear, said: "Even though many of us can count many more people in our wider circle of acquaintances, we are still quite choosy when it comes to defining who we consider to be our real friends.
The export number for the EU is in fact a "passport" for entering the choosy and rigorous EU market.
Woodie is very independent and can be choosy as to when he wants a cuddle and a bit of attention.
But it's a tough time and I haven't worked since December because I'm choosy.
Many migrant workers are not returning after the lunar new year holiday, while those who have returned are being very choosy.
I am very picky and choosy who I have in my company, very picky and choosy where I do decide to drink because of, obviously, who I am and what I do.
Much of the focus on value defines the term in a way that will resonate with choosy shoppers.