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2 -- color) The motorcycles put together by Ron Garner are works of art, from custom wheels to unique rear-end designs, at Santa Clarita Choppers.
Gemini variable-ratio urethane/polyester hybrid spray system features internal-mix Rascal hybrid spray gun with chopper, transfer pumps, variable-ratio proportioning system, in-line heaters, heated hoses, and portable cart with 12-ft boom.
For your chance to win, what is the name of the American Chopper boys A) John B) Paul C) Ringo
n Tell us what made the legendary bike so special for you - or your children - and you could win a brand new Chopper.
Safety standards meant it had to be withdrawn in 1971, but after addressing the issues Raleigh released their new edition Chopper Mark II in time for Christmas that year - and sold millions.
Damian Harris, of Cardiff- based Chris Harris Cycles, said early interest in the new Chopper was already 'massive'.
When he was dreaming up names for the mower, Dixie Chopper seemed a natural.
The closest most people get to designing and building custom bikes is watching American Chopper - which is fun, but not hands-on.
The chopper with a pilot and co-pilot onboard left the MWSS compound in Brgy.
On a personal note, growing up as a kid in that decade, I got the chance to ride on a Chopper a few times.
At the annual town meeting last week, voters approved an article authorizing selectmen to petition the Legislature for special legislation allowing the newly built Price Chopper supermarket to sell all alcoholic beverages.
parent company of Price Chopper Supermarkets -- and his wife Jane received an old box from a fellow attendee.