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To me, the Chopper has got a crank, it's got a chain ring, it's got wheels, it's a bike - what matters is the person on it and how much training.
The third Iran-made chopper is the semi-heavy Homa helicopter.
The new helicopter, made by Anglo-Italian company Agusta Westland, will be based with the Queen's other private chopper at RAF Odiham in Hampshire.
THE Chopper, the iconic, musthave bike of the 1970s celebrates its 45th birthday this week.
In an interview Tuesday, Nipmuc Liquors owner Stephen Angelo said Wine and Spirits, Hank's and many of the beer and wine businesses had joined him in opposing an all-alcohol permit for Price Chopper.
However, in what is seen as a planned strategy by the Left- wing extremists, the guerillas awaited the arrival of the chopper to carry the injured.
A recent series of motorcycle accidents have brought new attention to helmet laws-and also attracted the attention of motorcycle companies like Big Bear Choppers.
Dealers and distributor sales personnel, you could be the owner of this Charter Arms 38 Undercover Special Chopper.
a subsidiary of The Kay Companies, served as the general contractor for the 75,000 s/f Price Chopper, the newest of the New York-based 92-store supermarket chain owned and operated by the Golub Corporation.
The first chopper will be configured to have a "notch" such that 0.
And I was still cruising about on my Chopper when I had my first bar job and offered one of the older girls a lift home.
The Chopper -the iconic bicycle from the Seventies -is to be relaunched, maker Raleigh has confirmed.