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American critics, unaccustomed to such non-traditionalist pottery, groused at the choppiness of the fragile figure's exposed seams, which indeed the artist could have easily covered with clay slip.
Northerly/westerly surface wind gusting between 10 to 35 kilometres per hour provokes mild Mediterranean Sea choppiness with surface water temperature standing at 20 degrees Celsius for this time of the year.
Sold Your Love has the frantic choppiness with a heart of Biffy Clyro, while Love Isn't Love sounds like Roxy Music.
Despite the choppiness of August, September may turn out to be increasingly volatile for investors, as economic decisions in the US over monetary policy come to a head.
A reasonable price to pay is a certain choppiness in the text at points where very different cultures are patched together by perfunctory transitions: after a survey of reading in seventeenth-century France, for example, we learn that "during the same period, on the other side of the world, there were more examples of serious woman readers and advocates of women's education.
Swings in risk sentiment are translating into choppiness in oil markets, with prices rebounding again Friday after better than expected US consumer confidence data," said BMO Capital Markets.
In our view, we expect to see further near-term choppiness in stock prices as investors continue to digest the gains of the last few months, but over the long-term, we still believe that stocks appear attractive.
But analysts and investors say that the choppiness in iPhone sales doesn't matter as long as Apple's strong growth resumes during the holiday quarter after the anticipated new iPhone hits the stores.
The choppiness of the cello part is maintained throughout the first part of this A section, either through dotted rhythms, or through short ideas separated by rests.
Whereas before a vertical choppiness disturbed comfort, now undulations and poor surfaces are ironed out, insulating the passengers from any discomfort.
It is firmly solid, so you might at times endure some choppiness on rough roads.
Some choppiness in the later chapters in particular and occasional typographical errors mar the flow of the narrative slightly, but the refrains that the Old Army bore a lasting influence and that technology did not necessarily trump leadership, morale, training, and other basic human qualities come through clearly.