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Ginsberg had a kind of breathy choppiness to his readings, interleaved with spittle-flecked rants.
As a result, apart from the choppiness in May, the markets have stayed within range and the FII (foreign institutional investor) flows have been positive.
This is a consonance that extends to Levi's attempt at rendering the story in as faithful a manner as possible, despite a certain amount of beautification of the novella that includes reducing the choppiness and fragmentariness of the original through the inclusion of pronouns, causal links, and so on.
Besides delivering higher frame rates and reducing screen freezes and choppiness, Blaze accelerates RDP performance by up to 10-25 times, while significantly reducing network bandwidth consumption over low-bandwidth/high latency connections.
It really speaks to the choppiness of the labor market right now.
Louise: There's no balance to the arrangements, so the house ends up having a choppiness.
You don't have the choppiness that sometimes you see with previous providers.
However, it has had a pretty nice rally since lows hit in mid-July and it wouldn't be surprising to see a bit of a pullback or choppiness first.
The schools know each other well so it's easier to see that choppiness on offense by both teams.
Though Kraemer sometimes mars his portrait with a choppiness of style, he also shades it with psychological insight.
A recent research note from Goldman Sachs analyst Matthew Fassler said that "Despite recent choppiness, Pier 1 is outperforming its peers in a tough macro backdrop.
Alternating current is the natural form of energy created when a magnet rotates around a stationary coil of wire (called a stator), and to ensure that there is no choppiness in the rotation of the turbine blades, three sets of magnets are usually evenly spaced around the rotor (the part that moves in relation to the stator).