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He continues to believe that choppy markets will fuel big interest in growth-and-income stocks -- issues with yields of at least 2%, annual dividend growth on the order of 5% to 10%, and reasonable appreciation potential.
During choppy markets, investors tend to migrate toward blue-chip companies with strong finances and consistent sales, earnings, and dividend records.
Choppy or low resolution video limits the usefulness of any video, but using any of the ShiftWatch(R) system recorders provides crystal clear broadcast quality video making the system pay for itself in record time over traditional digital video systems.
For the past month, biotechs have been trading choppy as the market frets about drug safety with questions not only about currently-marketed drugs such as the highly publicized pain killer, Vioxx, but also about how safely drugs are developed.
BP has announced a 53 per cent slump in profit, though the oil giant said it continued to steer "a steady course through choppy waters".
CHICAGO -- Ken Trester and his team at the Ultimate Option Strategies newsletter explain that the choppy action of the market may suggest that we are near a short-term bottom.
Hampered by high winds, the recovery team struggled to maintain its position on the choppy waters as the weeklong search continued for three victims of the Jan.
Summary: The Canadian dollar finished the week marginally higher against the US Dollar on an extremely choppy week of trade.
It's a good tender,'' the story continues, ``although there isn't enough buoyancy in the ends to make it safe in choppy water with more than one person in it.
Like a boat navigating choppy waters, the monthly order index compiled by the Electronic Components, Assemblies & Materials Association (ECA) continues its up-and-down pattern from month to month while sustaining a course of slow, but steady progress over the first half of this year.
Summary: EUR-USD price action turned choppy after another failed attempt to break mooted 1.
Contributing to the general atmosphere of vague professionalism is some choppy editing, suggesting that a subplot or two was severely truncated.