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Clearing up after evening meals emerged as the top evening chore, with 86 per cent claiming this falls to them most nights.
The survey of more than 1,000 people found that dirty dishes can spoil couples' moods, that today's children are doing fewer chores, and that above all, Americans are looking for more efficient ways of doing the dishes.
Some other chores I do are cleaning out my lunch box from school by emptying my water and juice bottles and then my snack box.
What's more, whilst nearly two thirds (63%) of men spend less than five hours a week on household chores, 53% of women spend more than five hours a week ensuring perfectly pristine homes.
Though it may seem a bit daunting at first, the BAG system is simply a system of agreements that covers an earned allowance, or paycheck, for agreed upon chores or "work" done, on a routine schedule, with accompanying good and bad interest rates for careful saving or spending on cash advance agreements, or in the deficit.
The survey looked at 3,800 household chores and how much kids got for carrying them out.
BOYS are paid around 20 pence more than girls for carrying out the same household chores, according to research suggesting that the gender pay gap starts at home.
However, sharing responsibilities doesn't necessarily mean couples divide chores equally, said Adam Galovan, a doctoral student in the MU Department of Human Development and Family Studies.
APPARENTLY us Brits are worldclass procrastinators and waste around three years of our lives avoiding chores, DIY and bills.
But for a third of couples, these fights over household chores take such a toll on their marriage they end up divorcing.
In our last issue Julia in North Carolina asked readers how she can get all of her chores done and still have time to ride her horse.
He says the chores will still be there when we get back so I should go out for a drink with him, or something similar.