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Periodically, the Army Chorus is invited to give special performances at regional and national choral conventions of organizations such as the American Choral Directors Association, Music Educators National Convention, and Music and Intercollegiate Men's Choruses Inc.
The witty turn of a phrase and the throbbing repetition of a syllable are all part of the Issac Delgado charismatic personality that permeates his band's choruses.
The Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses reports that gay choral organizations exist in almost every large city, with over 10,000 members, men and women, worldwide.
With the exception of the Met, none of the other North American companies has a long-enough season to offer choruses year-round, full-time employment.
The band members collect their memory of that particular theme and join him for two choruses.
The competition will feature choruses and quartets from all over the world and Vienna-Falls is excited to have the opportunity to represent our five-state region.
30 years ago, it went on a tour and the following year gay men's choruses started getting formed in each city it had visited, Reynolds said.
Formed in 1990, the group are now one of the leading choruses in the country, taking fourth place at the Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers Convention last year.
Tis the season to hear holiday carols from gay and lesbian choruses across the nation
The choruses were scored in three categories: singing, music and presentation.