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We can imagine a continuum of connections between the matter in question, for which an active choice is being required, and the specific good that has already been chosen.
Individual choosers did not select those entitlements, which are given rather than chosen (and the selection might reflect a form of paternalism).
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Dawn and Simon have chosen to turn the brewery into an early learning centre for ale, with clear labels, boards showing the brewing processes and history, and their beers on tap - to educate people in choosing what to drink.
Silver dropped in popularity, being chosen by 29 per cent of drivers, compared with 31 per cent in 2005.
I asked Harrison what kind of books he liked to read and what he would have chosen for those ten books in the summer.
The conclusion that nonsedating antihistamines and antibiotics contribute to CRS-related fatigue rests, as noted in the article, on the variable chosen as a control for the confounder of disease symptomatic severity.
Regardless of which benefit is chosen, the surviving spouse will be dependent on that single benefit payment, already reduced for the early retirement benefit election, for the rest of his or her life.
We do not choose it; we are chosen and included by God.
The state election officer will appoint the slate of electors pledged to the candidate who is chosen as the "national popular vote winner" to be the official electors for the state.