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According to Brand Footprint, Kantar Worldpanel's annual report and its ranking of most chosen brands across the world, Lucky Me managed to be chosen by shoppers on the shelves 812 million times.
Chosen is a way to read the Japanese romanization of Joseon.
Foundation Award, chosen by RLC Foundation CEO Kay Zibby-Damron: "Perseverance" by Whitney Summers (Benton)
We can imagine a continuum of connections between the matter in question, for which an active choice is being required, and the specific good that has already been chosen. There would be a close connection if, for example, people were told that unless they indicate their preferences with respect to car insurance, they cannot lease a car.
Individual choosers did not select those entitlements, which are given rather than chosen (and the selection might reflect a form of paternalism).
The "You've Been Chosen" "Fire" teaser video from BioWare shows a guy who is driving a vehicle but decided to stop it and step down from the car.
Those hip young gunslingers have chosen not to choose.
Seven percent pointed to Japan, while the remaining options, that included Russia and India, were chosen by three percent or less.
Using the Choose and Book service in surgeries throughout England, GPs can advise patients on the options available and then make an appointment for them at their chosen hospital at a convenient time and date.
Depending on what you have chosen, the calculator will choose a similar priced petrol or diesel alternative from the same range.
Red was chosen by 13 per cent, grey by 3 per cent and white by 2 per cent.
I asked Harrison what kind of books he liked to read and what he would have chosen for those ten books in the summer.