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AT THE END OF JANUARY we met a panel of female businesswomen who talked to us about their chosen career paths and their journey from school to where they are now.
Their evaluations show that all of the students have either a clearer idea of how to gain the skills and qualifications required for their chosen career or they have been inspired to consider a range of apprenticeships.
There are hundreds of thousands of young people growing up who would like to take chances to elevate themselves into bigger images in their chosen career.
Stressful times come up when the student has to gain admission in a course and college that will be the best for taking up the chosen career.
The college's new extended pre-access programme is targeted primarily at people who have not managed to get their GCSEs and who need basic qualifications to progress into their chosen career or university.
We are committed, through this series, to providing the necessary knowledge and expertise to enable young Qataris to select their chosen career paths.
All engineers should be concerned about passing on their enthusiasm for their chosen career to others," he said.
Too often, young people leave college with no real experience of working life, whereas working while studying allows them to train in their chosen career and also gain valuable work experience.
More young people are seeing apprenticeships as an attractive option to get ahead in their chosen career with the opportunity to earn as they learn.
Over the course of the two years, the pupils will benefit from mentoring, motivational lectures, workshops and a five-week paid internship to help them gain the work experiences and skills they need to prepare them for their chosen career.
An extra qualification can help you progress in your chosen career.
ONE in five young people has given up hope of finding a job in their chosen career, with many more expecting to wait 10 years to land their dream job, according to research.