chosen career

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They will also have the opportunity to discover the most appropriate course for their chosen career.
Women who have lost their physique (and much of their self-confidence) to the understandable demands of motherhood and/or through their devotion to their chosen career.
David Carr is on secondment from Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust to enhance his corporate skills and broaden his experience and technical know-how in the area of his chosen career pathway in information and technology.
Peter Forsyth, training manager at UPM Shotton, said: "With rising skills shortages, it is important for young people to understand what qualifications, skills and experience an employer requires in order for them to be able to follow their chosen career.
Too often, young people leave college with no real experience of working life, whereas working while studying allows them to train in their chosen career and also gain valuable work experience.
More young people are seeing apprenticeships as an attractive option to get ahead in their chosen career with the opportunity to earn as they learn.
Over the next two years apprentices will also study towards a qualification in their chosen career.
Over the course of the two years, the pupils will benefit from mentoring, motivational lectures, workshops and a five-week paid internship to help them gain the work experiences and skills they need to prepare them for their chosen career.
Courses have been designed to provide learners with real work experience opportunities and the chance to develop skills that will help them go on to employment within their chosen career, or progress on to further study.
ONE in five young people has given up hope of finding a job in their chosen career, with many more expecting to wait 10 years to land their dream job, according to research.
The Iron Lady bitterly regretted her chosen career as it threw her family into turmoil, the Daily Star reported.
Judith Evans, principal at Coleg Morgannwg, said: "We ensure that students are ready for work when they leave us, with a clear idea of what they want to achieve in their chosen career.