chosen profession

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If you just choose a professional path, it's important to read a lot, take an example from the best in the chosen profession, visit sections and circles, participate in design schools," said Natalya Govorukha.
Essays in this collection discuss how the process of writing can be used as a tool for professional development both in preparation for specific professions and as a part of ongoing professional development within a chosen profession.
ANA and MNA have benefitted from Linda's willingness to commit her time and energies to her chosen profession of nursing.
The 34-year-old actor, who appears in new boxing movie Southpaw said his chosen profession is "absurd".
Campaign resources, including a logo, a series of posters featuring nurses' comments about their chosen profession (see above), flags and badges have been developed and will be available next month.
They are good at what they do, it's their chosen profession and they deserve praise for entertaining us royally.
Speaking about receiving the accolade, Mr Cameron told OT: "The nicest part is having my chosen profession tell me that I have made a difference during my time as an optometrist.
Glasgow's My Home captures my pride and passion while providing an emphatic statement of intent to succeed in my chosen profession.
District 23 would like to thank all those who presented at the Colorado Nurses Association Membership Assembly on October 26, 2013 It was very informative and interesting plus being a needed vehicle to communicate and share with other nurses about our chosen profession.
What is important is that pupils are reaching a level which allows them to further their education and prepare themselves for a career in their chosen profession.
I also realised that to progress in my chosen profession I had to acquire skills throughout the sector and I moved during my career through all departments of the banks in which I worked.
The free-standing sculpture of a career or professional person was modeled from the plasticine clay, and features were added, such as eyes, textured hair and accessories to portray the chosen profession.