chosen work

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So, while Martin poured out his heart to her, elated with the first success his chosen work in the world had received, she paid heed to his bare words only, gazing now and again about the room, shocked by what she saw.
This work is a tool to understand a variety of jobs, see examples of pitfalls that can come along the way, and hear from professionals about qualities needed to be successful in their chosen work.
They challenge the notion that sex workers are inherently victimized, and advocate for careful consideration of both legal regulation and community action that can help distinguish chosen work from exploitation and protect sex workers without taking away their agency.
Quiet 6 in Chorzow with land development and transfer of copyright to the Jury chosen work.
Choose one or more of the following questions, and write about your chosen work of art.
The fact that he was overcome with worries that his family would "feel its sacrifice and may not enjoy any of its rewards" raises questions for lots of parents: Is it selfish to pursue your chosen work when you have a family to support?
SnagIt can automatically attach the screenshot to the chosen work item in the image format selected.
This service will provide a range of support tasks including supporting clients in maintaining accommodation & avoiding eviction; addressing offending behaviour linked to previous substance misuse problems; support to receive the right benefits and to reduce any debts; better manage mental / physical health and aiding clients to engage in chosen work and leisure activities.
This is something we will have to get used to in the creative industries, so to experience this so early in our careers will give us a solid foundation to go on to be successful in our chosen work environments.
Delivered for two days a week over a 10-week period, the young men learned through classroom based activities and on-the-job work experience in their chosen work placements within Esh Group.
His chosen work, Changeling 2, is a series of oil paintings showing his 12-year-old daughter at different stages of her life.
We wish Bilston Craft Gallery the best of luck in securing their chosen work on May 14.