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If that poor Atkins begins but once to talk seriously of Jesus Christ to his wife, he will assuredly talk himself into a thorough convert, make himself a penitent, and who knows what may follow.
I dare not say (though I know it is our opinion in general) that you cannot be saved; I will by no means limit the mercy of Christ so far as think that He cannot receive you into the bosom of His Church, in a manner to us unperceivable; and I hope you have the same charity for us: I pray daily for you being all restored to Christ's Church, by whatsoever method He, who is all-wise, is pleased to direct.
every time that you pray that the kingdom of Christ may come, can you forget that prophecy associates, in dread fellowship, the day of vengeance with the year of his redeemed?
He worshiped Christ as he had worshiped Woden, and looked upon Him as a hero, only a little more powerful than the heroes of whom the minstrels sang.
Even now, in some places in the world, the message of Christ is necessary.
The other reason scholars point to Nicodemus' nocturnal visit to Christ is the belief that the best time to study the law and word of God is in the evening, when there are little distractions and interruptions.
We are gathered to celebrate the birth of Christ because of the reconciliation of man to his Creator, as well as man to man.
On the one hand, Paul states that Christ is "in" the believer (8:10); on the other hand, he declares that Christ is at the right hand of God (8:34).
God is not only for us and with us in Christ, but God sends the Holy Spirit so that Christ is in us and we are in Christ.
The figure of Christ is difficult to locate in the midst of all the activity.
They enter into that way just as Christ's followers have for nearly two millennia since--by being "buried with him [Christ] by baptism into death, so that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, so we too might walk in newness of life" (Rom 6:4).
A lot of people don't know we believe in Christ even though our name is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, so we just want them to know that we do believe in Christ and we honor his birth and that it's a big part of our lives,'' said Sharon Graham, who organized the event.