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Month followed miserable month, and eventually, on that fateful morning in October, Christen got out of bed after yet another sleepless night and thought about killing herself.
Never could he have imagined that one day one of his descendants would be asked to christen the blimp.
Ron & Christen have recently sold 44 & 46 West 22nd Street and 11 East 36th Street.
Laurie Christen served as the chair of this year's Agri-Marketing Conference and Trade Show.
Christen denies that she and Baldwin had any vindictive motive in scheduling their event so close to the AIDS Ride; the rain in spring, the heat in autumn, and calendars packed with gay pride observances left only a very small window in which to hold the ride.
Early one May morning in 1995--about a year after Patsy had started back to work after helping the family adjust to their loss--Ashley came rushing in to tell her mother that something was very wrong with Christen.
Though alpha-tocopherol "eliminates the oxidant character of the molecule," Christen says, it leaves behind a reactive nitrogen component.
Durst into New York Harbor including Seymour Durst's children, Douglas, Co-President of The Durst Organization and Wendy Durst Kreeger who will christen the boat with the traditional bottle of champagne.
The attrition rate meant that there were service slots opening up over time," says Pat Christen, executive director of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.