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Soluble solids (SS), total sugar (TS), lightness (L), chromaticity (C), antocyanins (AC), pH, acidity (A), phenolics (P), antioxidant activity (AA) of Brazilian tropical 'Syrah' red wines, according to the rootstock used.
According to the previous theory chromaticity presented below, the coordinates representative luminosity and chrominance data and psychometric parameters for the first three solutions of the study.
The pattern of change in peel brightness during storage (Figure 4) was similar to that observed for chromaticity (Figure 3) and the reverse of that of hue angle (Figure 2), indicating that the peel color became lighter as brightness values increased during storage for both harvest times.
BASF says the pigments are characterised by their high brilliance, purity and chromaticity.
Trial S08 exhibited good chromaticity, impact, and heat properties, but poor weathering performance.
The California Quality Spec requires a tighter chromaticity than ENERGY STAR.
Chromaticity varied between body parts yet in most cases any color contrast within individuals was significantly below discrimination threshold values.
For all eight SPDs, RGB light emitting diodes (LEDs) were mixed to create white light matching the chromaticity of a blackbody radiator at 3500 K as close as possible--actual measures at the observers' eyes were 3500 K [+ or -] 20 K, with [D.
Software features include timeline recording, data smoothing, illuminance, chromaticity, color temperature, externally triggered pulsed light capturing andother data handling functions.
The ranges of tolerable variations in color are plotted as ellipses on a CIE x/y chromaticity diagram, and can be categorized into 1-step (the human eye is unable to perceive any variation in color among devices), 2-step to 3-step (levels where color variations are difficult to perceive), and 4-step to 7-step (levels where color variations are noticeable to the human eye.
To display the results in the CIE 1931 colour space chromaticity diagram, the colour coordinates x and y can be calculated as follows:
Manufacturers are developing devices that offer higher luminous flux, longer lifetimes, greater chromaticity, and more lumens per Watt.