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Illuminance was measured at 554 [+ or -] 2 lx, whereas chromaticity was measured at (0.
It is already known that the coordinate of the non-chromatic stimulus point in the chromaticity diagram is (0.
Chromaticity (the tone and the saturation) changed the most in the blue area (chromaticity diagrams--Figures 1, 2, 3) where there has been a noticeable increase of saturation in recorded photographs in relation to the object (standard).
After plotting the UADs, the researchers compared these perceptual hue and saturation data to CIELAB plots produced from the instrument chromaticity measurements made in the laboratory and in the field to determine how well the instrument color measurements corresponded to perceived color appearance.
The present report extends this literature by studying the effects of chromaticity on two object identification responses--oral speeded naming and oral recognition (same/different) responding--under identical stimulus conditions.
001 in chromaticity (x,y) and 1 % in luminance (Y).
The Europa sensor measures color chromaticity and intensity.
Chroma Meters CS-150 and CS-160 are the successors to the CS-100 (launched in 1986) and CS-100A (launched in 2000), and are capable of measuring chromaticity, luminance, and correlated color temperature values to help ensure the stable quality of various light sources in terms of brightness and color.
This system places a customizable emphasis on hue and chromaticity value, allowing you to determine how much weight is placed on the hue and chromaticity differences of the two colors.
In addition, the 2014 Taylor Technical Talent Award for the best paper went to "Preferred Chromaticity of Color-Tunable LED Lighting" by Erhan E.
Konica Minolta Sensing America's CS-200 Chroma Meter is a compact and lightweight instrument that provides highly accurate luminance and chromaticity measurements.
The H-W Type A displays specified signal colours, approved by the CIE, but the FALANT displays red, yellow-green and yellowish-white lights that have x, y chromaticity co-ordinates within a common protan/deutan isochromatic zone.