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The attenuation coefficient, [alpha], is the cross-section of chromophore precursors (an area).
It is a sensitive parameter in the evaluation of chromophore molecular alignment in polymer films.
Novel chromophores and buried charges control color in mFruits.
Site-directed mutagenesis analysis suggested that the FMN chromophore interacting site Gln1029 in Adiantum (corresponding to Gln1045 in the LOV2 of CiNEO, Gln1036 in PdNEO and Gln1039 in PlNEO) plays an important role in the protein structural changes of NEO-LOV2.
The two systems studied consisted of a mixture of nonabsorbing microspheres and absorbing chromophore molecules in solution.
For wood coatings, two UVAs for solventborne as well as an encapsulated water-based form (HPT-4 DW) of the red-shifted chromophore of HPT-4 are available.
We believe the judgment of facial skin age is influenced by uneven chromophore distribution and a decrease in light reflection," said Grammer.
This results is a negative fluorescent image, essentially a dark spot at the chromophore position surrounded by a sharp halo of emission.
These range from lines consisting of an ester based polymer modified with a chromophore group; some made from a modified methacrylic polymer; others manufactured from a copolymer of hydroxystyrene and methyl methacrylate, modified with chromophore groups; plus some consisting of amino-resin and modified phenolic resin, (and others).
A beta cage is a sodalite crystal, which has the ultramarine chromophore trapped within.
In the presence of gasses containing sulfur or nitrogen, for example sulfides or amines, these complexes undergo a change in color (in the case of the chromophore version) or a change in fluorescence which can be seen under UV light (in the case of the fluorophore version).