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the naive protein that has been incubated and regenerated with the chromophore (11-cis retinal or all-trans retinal).
A precise quantitative result is complicated by scattering in tissue and absorption of other chromophores in tissue like melanin.
Amount of reagent for effective###Reagent (2-3ml) produced deep blue color indicative of successful chromophore introduction
By engineering a virus that Belcher has worked with for years, the team was able to get it to bond with multiple synthetic chromophores -- or, in this case, organic dyes.
UVA penetrates the skin more deeply and is absorbed by the chromophores which induce photodermatitis (5).
It is known that pure PVA does not show any fluorescence and hence the fluorescence observed in the composite is due to the presence of pyrazoline chromophore.
It's like taking pieces of a puzzle, throwing in the current experiments, the waffle puzzle had 16 pieces, with the chromophores located atop the waffle's ridges.
The two systems studied consisted of a mixture of nonabsorbing microspheres and absorbing chromophore molecules in solution.
Many of the impurities present in pharmaceutical preparations are difficult to measure with traditional technologies because they have a poor UV signal or may lack any chromophore at all.