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Generally only one form of B chromosome is found, although variants can come in fairly frequently resulting in metacentric chromosomes, subtelocentric chromosomes, and minichromosomes (Jones and Houben, 2003).
To me, it is a paradigm of the decline and fall of the Y chromosome," says reproductive biologist Jennifer Marshall Graves of La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia.
The international research team discovered the potential for substituting the malfunctioning ring chromosome with an appropriately functioning one during reprogramming of patient cells into induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs).
Last month, researchers reported shuffling some genes in mice to create Y-less males that could produce normal offspring, leading some commentators to wonder whether the chromosome is superfluous.
Together with Job Dekker, who has pioneered chromosome conformation capture technologies, we have discovered these principles by studying a critical region of the X chromosome, the X-inactivation center," said Heard.
Only 20 cases of ring chromosome 9 have been reported in the literature (2).
The metaphase chromosome preparations used for karyotyping and FISH analysis were made by the chopping method (Yamazaki et al.
The simultaneous analysis ofB chromosomes and supernumerary segments variation in different populations offers the opportunity to analyze patterns of chromosome variation in nature.
Thus, the objective of this study was the assessment and comparison of the number and behaviour of B chromosome during the meiosis and mitosis of an accession of Lolium multiflorum.
While not unique cytologically, the Cyperaceae exhibit three distinctive chromosome traits that are highly unusual among angiosperms: (1) production of a single pollen grain (pseudomonad) per pollen mother cell, (2) post-reductional meiosis, and (3) diffuse centromeres.
rubyae possess a male diploid chromosome number of 24 (2n= 20+2m+XY) and a haploid chromosome number of 13 (n= 10+m+XY) (Fig.
For most of the chromosomes, the mutations can be corrected in subsequent generations if they wind up in the sperm that fertilizes the egg, but not for the Y chromosome.

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