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Thiocyclam does not induce structural chromosome aberrations in human lymphocytes in vitro.
So all groups in different periods demonstrate no increase of MN, absent of chromosome aberrations, no changes in frequency of MI comparing to positive control, positive control group did not only show increasing in micronucleus frequency but also showed increasing in the number of micronucleus per cell in addition to decrease MI frequency.
A high frequency (19%) of deletions was detected compared to other chromosome aberrations such as monosomics, trisomics and translocations (12% each).
Are chromosome aberrations in circulating lymphocytes predictive of a future cancer onset in humans?
The relationship between variant genotypes and the expression of X rays and UV light-induced chromosome aberrations (CA) in normal human lymphocytes was investigated.
Follow up study of chromosome aberrations in lymphocytes in hospital workers exposed to low levels of ionizing radiation.
Adjustment for tobacco use and cigarette smoking status had little impact on the analysis of the association between 2,4-D levels and chromosome aberration frequencies.
Chromosome aberrations offer an alternative approach for detecting chromosome breaks, and using this approach, others have shown that low dose-rate radiation indeed induces aberrations in vitro (although the dose-rate was approximately 10-fold higher than that used in the present study) (Tanaka et al.
Boveri used this result to explain the well-known fact that a tumor cell has an abnormal metabolism: "if the individual chromosomes have different qualities, chromosome aberrations will result in deviant metabolic functions.
Mohamed AN, Bentley G, Bonnett ML, Zonder J, Al-Katib A: Chromosome aberrations in series of 120 multiple myeloma cases with abnormal karyotypes.
Determination of fetal chromosome aberrations from fetal DNA in maternal blood: Has the challenge finally been met?
From chromosome aberrations to the high mobility group protein gene family: evidence for a common genetic denominator in benign solid tumor development.

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