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We applied read count analysis by counting the aligned reads to each chromosome arm and calculated a relative ratio for each chromosome arm.
Reduced expression of MYO18B, a candidate tumor-suppressor gene on chromosome arm 22q, in ovarian cancer.
This small pair clearly has the 2 arms (long and short arm) which differ in size in all the Atta species already studied, although these 2 chromosome arms are similar in size in Ac.
In addition, a significant difference for additive effects or homozygous dominance effects, for a quantitative trait, between a specific CS-B line and TM-1 was considered as a significant additive or homozygous dominance chromosome effect because of the specific substituted chromosome or chromosome arm from 3-79.
Since the rare progeny will be heterozygous for the mutagenized chromosome arm, they are used to isolate a stock of the putative meiotic mutant through a subsequent series of crosses.
For example, an extra chromosome arm would give rise to three copies of the chromosome arm in question, not just two.
Comparisons of backcross males presented in Table 3 were between males possessing a mutant marker and males from the same backcross lacking the marker (hence, between those possessing a particular chromosome arm from D.
1964), which considers chromosome arm size ratios and arranges them based on the centromere position.
7,8) The KRAS2 gene is located on chromosome arm 12p and encodes a membrane-bound guanosine triphosphate (GTP)-binding protein.

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