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n. in the midst of or actively involved in at that time, as "in the course of business, course of employment, course of trade."

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COURSE. The direction in which a line runs in surveying.
     2. When there are no monuments, (q.v.) the land must be bounded by the courses and distances mentioned in the patent or deed. 4 Wheat. 444; 3 Pet. 96; 3 Murph. 82; 2 Har. & John. 267; 5 Har. & John. 254. When the lines are actually marked, they must be adhered to, though they vary from the course mentioned in the deeds. 2 Overt. 304; 7 Wheat. 7. 1 See 3 Call, 239 7 Mont. 333. Vide Boundary; Line.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Clinical studies conducted in North America reported a chronic course in 54% and 60% of their samples consisting of (major) depressive patients (14,15).
When comparing the occurrence of suicide attempts to the course cluster of depression, we found a nonsignificant trend towards a higher risk in chronic course. There were 16/51 (31%) suicide attempters in the group with short-term course with or without recurrence and 13/24 (54%) in the group with chronic course with or without late remission (Fisher's exact test = 0.077).
Also, longer duration and higher severity of pain were significantly associated with having a chronic course of depression and/or anxiety.
Onset is generally in childhood or adolescence, and a chronic course is typical.
(1) The natural history of lumbar spinal stenosis has been described as a chronic course over years without rapid deterioration of clinical or functional statuses.
The condition typically follows a chronic course, with a triad of swelling, subcutaneous nodules and draining sinuses.
"The presence of anxiety results in longer depressive episodes, a more chronic course of major depressive disorder, worse psychosocial impairment, reduced chance of recovery from the initial episode of major depressive disorder, and an increased risk of suicide," Dr.
An episodic rather than a chronic course also was significantly more likely to occur in adolescents with the disorder than among children with it (77% vs.
"Treatment response is usually excellent, but occasionally you will have patients who have a chronic course," Dr.
Eighty percent of patients die within 1 year of onset, with the rest following a more chronic course. (6) Japanese forms of CJD have a much longer duration, with patients living beyond 4 years.
SAD has an earlier age of onset than the other anxiety disorders and has a chronic course.

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