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But Mr Jones, 62, of South London, found another account by a local chronicler.
He found Lapu-Lapu mentioned in the chronicles of Antonio Pigafetta, a Venetian who was not even the official chronicler of Magellan's voyage.
Continue reading "Remembering Shlomo Yankel Gelbman, Chronicler of the Satmar Hasidic Movement" at.
In this article, I will glance at existing scholarship on medieval chroniclers who used the structure of their narratives to convey meaning; examine the chaotic local context in which the Fineshade Chronicle was written; and finally analyse the deterioration of the structure of the chronicler's story as he struggled to shape his material into a meaningful historical narrative.
The Chronicler borrows from the Torah (Pentateuch) and what is known as the Deuteronomic Histories (Deuteronomy through Kings, though largely ignoring the Book of Judges).
LANTERNS ON THE PRAIRIE: THE BLACKFEET PHOTOGRAPHS OF WALTER MCCLINTOCK presents Walter McClintock's photos, surveying the works of an 1896 easterner who arrived on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation and found himself a chronicler of Plains Indian life.
Rut Blees Luxemburg is, in some sense, the essential contemporary chronicler of an East London bathed in yellow fluorescent light.
again my shell of conch stripped of wax chronicler of stacks of raw
Author Peter Morris is a researcher and chronicler of baseball history: he uses primary documents to recreate a lost world and the underlying influences on the rise of baseball as a sport.
Israel, reward and retribution, attitude toward the Persians (the Chronicler "seems relatively content with life under Persian suzerainty, provided that the worship at the temple in Jerusalem is able to continue without restraint"), personal piety, and possible hopes for the future.
The autobiography, designed by Hewlett and ghost-written by Cass Browne, the band's official chronicler, details the rise to fame of the band and its four animated ape-like band members: 2D, Noodle, Murdoc and Russell.