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Yet for Chronicles, this is done without a "specific linking of hope with a kingly figure or with the Davidic house.
The closing of the Chronicle will also mean that there will be no Jewish newspaper in the region.
Several other annals and chronicles are discussed by Hayward, some echoing items in the Winchcombe and Coventry chronicles, some seen as having very little in common.
Parts Two and Three look at references to, or reminiscences of, Chronicles in the literature and art of the Judaisms of Late Antiquity.
It's not just for the kids, it's for people that read the Chronicle who don't necessarily have kids but still want to help their local school.
Mesopotamian Chronicles is not only a useful volume for Assyriologists, but for other scholars in the social sciences or humanities who need up-to-date, reliable, and readable English translations of these fifty-three chronographic texts.
The Chronicles of Narnia (Harper Children's Audio, Unabridged Version, 31 CDs) Harper Audio: Toronto, 2001.
The Chronicles of Narnia and Philosophy: The Lion, the Witch, and the Worldview (Open Court, 2005)
Thus, Kinghorn sets the tone of this collection, which draws from diverse philosophies of morality the obvious statement of Christianity as present in The Chronicles of Narnia.
According to ``The Chronicles of Riddick,'' at least.
Sterling Brown in his literary chronicles for Opportunity indisputably remains the teacher par excellence.