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Given the ever-increasing number of patients with one or more chronic illnesses, the need for consistently high-quality, efficient chronic illness care is urgent (Bodenheimer 2008).
15) Part III is a discussion of two recent cases involving alcoholic defendants--a homeless defendant who is a chronic alcoholic, (16) and an alcoholic who was "interdicted" by the state of Virginia and then charged with violating an interdiction order by purchasing alcohol (17)--and will examine how modern courts have applied the Robinson doctrine.
A mere 627--just under 7 percent--were chronic offenders, with five or more arrests by age 18.
The episode in which McMurphy tries to get at least one of the Chronics to raise his hand in order to win the patients' right to watch the World Series on television represents a crucial turning point in the narrative.
Jon Youkin, Dan Flood, Jordan Wolfer and Caitlin Anderson have been cast as aides, with Christina Chen as a technician and Adam Leonard and Scott Steward as Chronics Nos.
Our more than 12 years experience with Medicare chronics provides critical perspective on these costs.
To date, only the "five core chronics" -- diabetes, asthma, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease -- are targeted by most plans, and only 21 percent of payers apply the approach across all five.
When it comes to being late for work however, a person not cognizant of the time on a chronic basis, can end up learning their lesson the hard way.
You basically have to divide your patients into the generally healthy versus the chronic with one illness, versus the poly-chronic, versus those in end stages of illness; and you have to treat each category differently.