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But just as the discoveries of explorers in the New World were forcing cartographers to re-draw ancient maps, chronologers began finding that texts of the classical world held secrets that threatened to unravel the standard notions of historical time.
She aptly elucidates the refusal of the fictive chronologer to "function in conventional omniscient tones, subordinating the other voices and directing the reader toward a monological response" or "to provide definitive answers" (p.
43) A scheme for a radically reformed calendar had been mooted by the chronologer Thomas Lydiat as early as 1605,(44) but by the middle of the century the agenda had moved on to the abolition of saints' days and even of the pagan names of months and days, "as that instead of January, February, etc.
A popular playwright, he was often commissioned to write and produce civic entertainments, and in 1620 he was appointed city chronologer.