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They had experienced twice as much violence exposure as reflected in their VEX-R scores, compared with children whose epigenetic and chronologic ages were the same.
As chronologic age is not a valid predictor of skeletal maturation phases, skeletal maturation derived from radiographic analysis is a commonly used prediction method to estimate growth velocity and the proportion of remaining growth (7, 8).
Several skin signs of aging serve as significant predictors of increased risk for ischemic heart disease independent of chronologic age and the standard cardiovascular risk factors, Dr.
As all these souls evolve, you see the connections between them, and follow their chronologic progress.
We need to teach doctors not to think of a person's chronologic age, but think of their functional age," he said.
Philbrick's methodology in explaining the Little Bighorn battle is primarily chronologic, as he reviews the preparation, conduct, and aftermath of the battle, interspersed with brief historical vignettes that illuminate important aspects of the key leaders.
The chronologic defines the level of storytelling that is more or less fixed.
The study also found pervasive overtreatment of low-risk disease in this age group, and the researchers conclude that overall, treatment needs to be selected more based on disease risk and less based on chronologic age, particularly in older men with a life expectancy of more than 10 years.
Wheeler diagrams (Stratigraphic Charts) are then prepared and can be converted to Chronostratigraphic charts after a biometric or chronologic calibration.
1139) these men struggled with inconsistencies in earlier chronologic calculations.
Alexander strays from her chronologic framework to provide a narrative of the ill-fated Seneca Village, though this digression does not detract from the monograph's stated goals.
The chronologic age is a number that tells us and the world how long we have been alive.