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The action proceeds more or less chronologically, as Wilde (Michael Emerson) engineers his own fall from grace by bringing a lawsuit against the Marquess of Queensberry (Hal Robinson).
A Blog is a Web page that contains frequently updated information arranged chronologically that can be anything from political journals to personal diaries and can focus on a single subject or a broad spectrum of topics.
Kamler takes the reader chronologically through his first trip (1992), beginning with the pre-trip planning, training, and preparation.
The arrangement is both chronological and generic: Elizabeth's life is divided into four periods, and the works of each period are grouped by genre and then arranged chronologically inside each genre.
divide the works not chronologically but thematically, into "People," "Places," and "Things.
Although ``King of the City'' proceeds more or less chronologically, it doesn't always take the shortest distance between two points.
Event Briefs are professionally written summaries of corporate conference calls that chronologically detail the key points, including the Q&A session.
Composed of three novellas arranged chronologically but sharing neither characters nor specific location within Germany, this novel's treatment of the developing images and after-images precipitated by the Third Reich on its home territory serves to demonstrate once again that fiction can bear more truth than most studied attempts at historiography.
Although the two general studies here reviewed overlap chronologically, surprisingly, they share little thematically or interpretatively.
The first installment will be presented chronologically, in groupings that reflect general thematic divisions: "America in the Age of Confidence, 1900-1919"; "Jazz Age America, 1920-1929"; "America in Crisis, 1930-1939"; and so on.
On his latest disc, ``Tone Poems II'' (Acoustic Disc), Grisman and Scottish jazz guitarist Martin Taylor duet on 19 songs from the '20s, '30s and '40s, recorded chronologically on vintage instruments.
The recorders will give the NYPD the ability to reconstruct incidents accurately and chronologically -- for both evidentiary purposes and resolving disputes and liability issues that might develop later, either about the incident itself or about the official handling of it.