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This book chronologically presents an overview of portrait painting in the twentieth century.
The range is wide both chronologically and generically, from Judge Daniel Horsmanden's account of the "legal" handing and burning at the stake of thirty-one slaves and free blacks accused of conspiring to burn and loot New York City in 1741, to slave narratives, and to extensive treatment of works by Delany, Chesnutt, Hopkins, Johnson, Schuyler, Du Bois, Fisher, Hurston, Wright, Motley, Himes, Ellison, and others, not to mention black comics and gangsta rap, all in the context of American law and jurisprudence.
The trick to the play (which at press time was scheduled to close June 17) is that rather than unfolding chronologically, these scenes overlap and interweave.
The web site presents information topically, chronologically, and alphabetically.
Let me address in this column the chronologically challenged, an unexpected state of being which will creep up on most of us quicker than we think.
follows chronologically the dramatic progression of Sugiyama's obsession.
Put all personal effects in one drawer, arrange telephone lists alphabetically and organize meeting records chronologically Store catalogs and vendor information by subject and label, label, label
Material is organized chronologically, from the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876 to the slaughter of 300 Lakota Sioux at Wounded Knee in 1890.
The Untold Story Of The New Testament Church: An Extraordinary Guide To Understanding The New Testament summarizes and explains the contents of the New Testament in chronological order--very helpful feature to novice Biblical scholars and lay readers, as Paul's letters, for example, are arranged by size rather than chronologically.
The 99-track, chronologically sequenced package, spanning 1961 to 1990, includes all the hits (``Turn
Barnett organizes the speeches into four topics--Consent of the Governed, A More Perfect Union, Freedom of Speech, and America and the World--and then chronologically within topics.