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Laboratory work should utilise adequate sample quantity and be accompanied by characterisation measurements to ensure the correct sample fraction is being analysed, and the results should be discussed in detail and any problems clarified between chronologists and field researchers before being publicised.
You know, chronologists will tell you the 21st century started seven or eight years ago; historians will tell you it's a moment in time that starts a century.
The current day or week of the year, a Millennium day countdown, and the Julian day number, as used by astronomers and chronologists.
Camden was headmaster of Westminster School when Robert Cotton entered there in the 1570s, and Cotton became part of an influential group of choreographers and chronologists which included Thomas Lydiat and James Ussher.
Battle-lines had long been drawn, with one camp (the long chronologists represented by the 'old guard') arguing that the earliest industries could be dated to within the Early Pleistocene (anything from two million to 900,000 years ago), with the opposing camp (short chronologists) pushing for a much later arrival at around 500,000 years ago.