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The eleven appendices contain an introduction to basic astronomy (A-1) and relevant astronomical notions and techniques (A-2 and A-3), details of the calculations of the dates of first and last appearances of the planet Venus underlying the best-fitting chronology selection (A-4 and A-5), a discussion of the implications of the chronology choice for the position of the Babylonian lunar calendar in the solar year (A-6), and Old Babylonian month length data and calculations (A-7, A-8, A-9, and A-10).
Chronology of terrestrial den use by polar bears in western Hudson Bay as indicated by tree growth anomalies.
14]C in the 1970 sample from SM-112 was depleted in comparison to the rest of the chronology and approached values more like those of porbeagle as opposed to coral.
1990, Basic chronology statistics and assessment, in Cook, E.
Have pairs begin by creating a title slide for their chronology.
All I could do was wait to hear when the funeral arrangements were complete and continue working on the chronology I had promised my attorney-client.
The Chronology used a similar format to compare the chronologies of the Hebrew Bible, the Septuagint, and the chronologies of other societies, including Egyptians, Babylonians, and Greeks.
Rohwer points out in his preface that this third edition of the Chronology of the War at Sea represents fifty years of scholarship, by himself and a distinguished group of associates and colleagues.
As part of his whimsical chronology, dispensationalists have suspended the anti-Semitism that has been part of Christianity for centuries, instead attributing a special historical importance to the Jews, and especially to the state of Israel.
The slight distortion of chronology here (the "Anthropometries" for the most part follow the sponge works) unwittingly confirmed that matter, or objecthood, had become a problem for Klein.
military service histories, this chronology is the sixth of the naval line, preceded by U.