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2012b) using samples of chrysotile asbestos sediments from a slow-moving landslide on Sumas Mountain, Washington, and from naturally occurring tremolite in El Dorado Hills, California--both areas are of concern due to exposures to local communities.
The WHO-sponsored International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) advises (IARC 2013) that chrysotile is a human carcinogen but that the expected cancer burden from chrysotile will be mainly lung cancer rather than mesothelioma.
The serpentine chrysotiles, because of their coiled, pliable nature, appear to impact more in the upper respiratory tract where they can be evacuated from the body via the mucociliary blanket.
All 38 of these samples greater than the adopted background surface concentration were due to chrysotile contamination and were collected in 27 separate homes.
Canada's assertion that chrysotile could be safely handled with proper protections, while exporting the fibre to countries with no or ineffective workers' safety regulations, was indefensible and unethical and it led to a campaign by public health professionals and activists to pressure governments to abandon their support for the asbestos industry.
He also contends that Canadian chrysotile is less hazardous than other forms of the mineral.
No correlation was found between the fibrosis scores and the concentration of coated commercial amphiboles, noncommercial amphiboles, chrysotile, or nonasbestos mineral fibers.
They added chrysotile minerals, bacterial DNA molecules called plasmids that had genes for antibiotic resistance, and silica beads representing inert rock.
4) The principal varieties of asbestos are chrysotile, a serpentine mineral, and crocidolite, amosite, anthophyllite, tremolite, and actinolite, all of which are amphiboles.
The coiled or tubular structure is revealed from the drawing and the TEM image of chrysotile presented in Figure 6.
Environmental health tests on the rubble revealed chrysotile, a type of asbestos linked to several fatal diseases, including lung cancer, the court was told.