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And like the best paradigms, the Chuck Taylor All Star gets better with time.
Chuck is by no means a bad man; he loves his wife Phyllis (Elisabeth Moss), loves his daughter, makes a decent living as a liquor salesman ("How you doin'?
Many IREM Members know Chuck as the "guru" of real estate management, commercial real estate public policy and legislative matters.
The most recent addition to the high-precision chuck solution involves shrink fitting tools into solid chucks.
Two-Buck Chuck is Trader Joe's bestselling wine, with customers praising both the price and quality of Charles Shaw shiraz or cabernet sauvignon.
While profiles of fictional characters on major sites such as MySpace are nothing new (and yes, Chuck has one there, too), the difference with "Chuck" is the lengths to which NBC has gone to make this character a presence on the Web.
They arrived in Eden in about 1920," Chuck explains.
In 1985, Chuck introduced me to New Jersey deer hunting at Old Man Hoffman's farm.
I have to go with Jack Sparrow - his off-balance pirate fighting would be too much for Chuck Norris
On Friday December 8, 2006 the Monterey family and the mushroom industry lost one of its true, great friends, Chuck Overturf.