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The undefeated Churchill Chuckers took home the first-place trophy.
The Pholster can accommodate pheasants, chuckers and grouse, and is lightweight enough that several Pholsters can be worn at once.
However, while there's no condoning their behaviour, motorist cigarette butt flickers can justifiably claim to have been picked as an easy target when our authorities are so rarely seen to act against those responsible for more visible and/or prevalent environment harming (eg, the fast food/sweet wrapping/drinks can chuckers, chewing gum spitters, dog fouling non-scoopers, bus shelter/phone booth smashers, graffiti scrawlers etc etc).
The complication was largely due to the fact that our substitute for the instantaneous release of bombs from the racks in military planes was a "human chain" consisting of pairs of "bomb chuckers," which at the time was us, the flying cadets.
So, a new system was put in place, four MW400 twin-spindle CNC chuckers from Murata Machinery USA (www.
And yet you don't hear many Aussies talk about the bunch of chuckers who helped them beat England 4-0 in the Ashes series out there in 1958-59.
To see whether frequent chuckers might be high-quality males, for both mating and eating, the researchers measured frogs and recorded their calls.