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Ahmed El-Shimi et al., [4] emphasize that the duplication of primary filebased server data can be substantially adjusted for both high de-duplication reserving and minimal resource depletion through the use of a new chunking algorithm, chunk compression, apportioning, and a low RAM footprint chunk guide.
"Chunk seemed like a good idea, so that's what my business is all about - chunks of chocolate in a bag.
Our attention was also brought to a pattern by which a group of image chunks (i.e., a chunk cluster) often appear repeatedly in different images.
This keeps the jig more streamlined than a chunk of bait on the hook.
It can refer to what we do to learn the notes to a new piece: section it off into shorter chunks such as phrases or individual measures so that initial practice can be focused and effective.
Similar effect to the notion of frames could be obtained by increasing the size of each chunk. However, in tree-based streaming systems, it is preferable to have small chunks since each peer needs to receive the whole chunk before forwarding it to the children.
Chunk loss probability and delivery delay provide therefore only a partial view of the actual performance of a P2P-TV system, the user Quality of Experience (QoE) being the paramount index [15].
Live video is divided into many chunks. Each node will receive from its parent at least one chunk in the pushing phase.
where C(l) is the set of chunks currently allocated to cell l, [P.sub.n,l] is the power assigned to chunk n in the lth cell.
Content chunking is an exercise that enables instructional designers (IDs) to split information into small pieces or chunks. The information thus broken helps IDs to reorder the subject matter into coherent learning modules that meet the learning objectives of the course.
The next step is what I call "read the wood." You examine the chunk: first look at the bark, most bark splits easily, but some is like having a rope tied around the chunk and cutting the bark first on these types of tree stumps helps split them easier.
Additionally, to facilitate bilingual unsupervised chunking research and standardize best practice, a tag set consists of eight universal chunk categories is proposed in this work.