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CHURCH. In a moral or spiritual sense this word signifies a society of persons who profess the Christian religion; and in a physical or material sense, the place where such. persons assemble. The term church is nomen collectivum; it comprehends the chancel, aisles, and body of the church. Ham. N. P. 204.
     2. By the English law, the terms church or chapel, and church-yard, are expressly recognized as in themselves correct and technical descriptions of the building and place, even in criminal proceedings. 8 B. & C. *25; 1 Salk. 256; 11 Co. 25 b; 2 Esp. 5, 28.
     3. It is not within the plan of this work to give an account of the different local regulations in the United States respecting churches. References are here given to enable the inquirer to ascertain what they are, where such regulations are known to exist. 2 Mass. 500; 3 Mass. 166; 8 Mass. 96; 9 Mass. 277; Id. 254; 10 Mass. 323; 15 Mass. 296 16 Mass. 488; 6 Mass. 401; 10 Pick. 172 4 Day, C. 361; 1 Root Sec. 3, 440; Kirby, 45; 2 Caines' Cas. 336; 10 John. 217; 6 John. 85; 7 John. 112; 8 John. 464; 9 John. 147; 4 Desaus. 578; 5 Serg. & Rawle, 510; 11 Serg. & Rawle, 35; Metc. & Perk. Dig. h.t.; 4 Whart. 531.

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I feel that after talking so freely about the priests and the churches, justice demands that if I know any thing good about either I ought to say it.
As denominations struggle on national and local levels with doctrinal stances on homosexuality - whether to ordain noncelibate gay and lesbian pastors and bless same-sex unions, in particular - some churches have decided to offer full acceptance, including leadership positions, to their gay and lesbian parishioners.
one of the first churches in the United States founded for the express purpose of ministering to gay men and lesbians.
Leaders of national churches would consult together regularly, but there would be no need for central control" (261).
The PAC is looking to the churches to help elect Republicans in this political season.
Vatican II's efforts to reach out to the laity focused on increased lay participation in the decision-making process, greater autonomy for local churches and regional episcopal bodies, and the promotion of a plurality of opinions and practices within the church.
Fellowship Technologies unveiled a ground-breaking software solution for Churches called "Fellowship One" -- an ASP-based service that is totally scalable to meet the needs of any size of church -- from 200 to 20,000 plus.
The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that churches are liable for abuse suffered by Indian children in a now-defunct residential school system, but that liability should be shared with the federal government.
So, in an unprecedented move, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles is asking a half-dozen of the Valley's wealthier churches to ask their own congregations to contribute to help build a new $4 million church for Guardian Angel.
First of all, many states in the United States have extended the "religious employer" exemption from certain civil rights provisions of employment standards statutes beyond the institutional churches themselves to certain organizations affiliated with the churches.

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