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Wakelin concludes by contrasting Fulgens and Lucres's cautious ending to Gentleness and Nobility's closing willingness to expel noblemen who behave churlishly. Wakelin's superb essay greatly opens up this play and should bring new interest to it.
He then describes (churlishly? or not?) a cop spying on the group as "bored out of his skull with freethinking respectability"
Jed Esty has written the best known account, but in framing it as yet another Empire Writes Back story, he places any reader in the inevitably compromised position of seeming, churlishly, to Write Back to an Empire That is Writing Back, and seeming, therefore, to collude with Empire.
I wonder how many of us remember that he was subsequently just as quick to condemn India for wanting to churlishly pull out of the Test series.
He gets his own breakfast, he has nightmares, he resents his grandmother coming to stay so treats her churlishly, he is bullied at school and only Lily, his classmate, shows sympathy--that he tends to push away.
For a while now, New York's architectural cognoscenti, or at least those who've ventured up to the less-than-fashionable precincts of Morningside Heights, have been muttering churlishly about Rafael Moneo's waffle-iron of a science building for Columbia University.
Nasri, rather churlishly, had snubbed Gallas's handshake before the match.
Only rarely did he introduce poetic issues, as in this complaint that the English language has so few poetically suitable words that rhyme with 'world': "Furled, hurled, curled," he says, "none of them v[ery] serviceable." His proposed solution: "Let's invent a verb to churl ([to] behave churlishly)" (III:604).
It started as usual with smiles but ended on a rather sour note because, on the one hand, India's home secretary queered the pitch when he ranted some nonsense about ISI and Mumbai attacks and, on the other, Qureishi churlishly derided Sharma for receiving instructions from home during the talks.
At the same time, it casts a light on the biblical David as a young man, whom we can also see as sometimes acting churlishly or even conceitedly.
I just don't have the energy to break a new one in, or as my husband churlishly rejoins: "Break is the operative word here".
Meanwhile, all comments that churlishly reject the American dream are discounted as inauthentic just because they are critical, explained away by reference to "brainwashing" and fear of surveillance.