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As for the rest of Mr Green's letter, I can best describe it as churlishly inaccurate.
Their megaphone mouthpiece Sherjeel Memon would churlishly gall ears of the citizenry with his incessant silly hogwash to the ire of all.
Palace boss Neil Warnock churlishly called Newcastle's performance "pretty".
In another echo of today, Kerry Packer's World Series cricket tour continued Down Under, where Ian Chappell churlishly conceded defeat to the World XI by deliberately bowling four wides to prevent them hitting the winning runs themselves, then refused to shake hands with opposing captain Tony Greig
NO, CLLR SMALL, Mr Pearce did not churlishly disband the Friends (Daily Post, Letters, January 26).
He rather childishly and churlishly failed to show at a little get-together, for which the other four gave him generous understanding.
Michel Platini, a winner in 1984 and one of the most skilful Europeans of his generation, had churlishly bemoaned the fact that it was Greece, rather than the Czech Republic, who would contest last night's final against the host nation.
While it was certainly a privilege to be on hand to witness Florida Pearl earning a rapturous reception with his fourth victory in Ireland's top chase, the selfish punter in me had to reflect churlishly on the departure of Harbour Pilot two out when seemingly going just as well as the eventual winner (though admittedly, with the statuesque stylist Paul Carberry up top, it's often hard to tell with any certainty).
Even in a week when it emerged that one of England's brightest young stars, Josh Lewsey, should have played for Wales having been brought up by a Welsh mother from Cwmllynfell, this is no time for churlishly examining the English blood for faint traces of Welshness.
Sad, deluded Fed who churlishly puts Cam's victory down to "the blue-rinse brigade".
No wonder sincere efforts at actual dialogue were churlishly slapped aside, since the real agenda of The Gang of 9 is to remove obstacles to real estate development and windfall profits.
Before his gormless volley of abuse deep into injury time, when Chelsea's keep-ball near a corner flag became too much for his short fuse, Gascoigne had already thrown the ball churlishly at Dan Petrescu.