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AICC spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi concurred and said: " We hope and trust that the churlishness displayed on Friday ( when BJP held a press conference to defend Shah) will not become a matter of habit.
Is it just bad politics and, perhaps, sheer churlishness to criticize the court for writing bad labour history rather than to praise it for overturning bad precedents and providing workers with a constitutional shield against government assaults on trade union rights?
It challenges the monosyllabic churlishness of the Kevin stereotype, which many people have, and each one of these young trainees delivered that challenge in their own inimitable way.
It looked like the start of a Swansea stroll but Trundle paid the penalty for some churlishness and Tranmere dominated the last quarter.
When annoyance springs up at the thought: 'he has done me harm, is doing, will do me harm'; 'he has done, is doing, or will do harm to someone dear and precious to me'; 'he has conferred a benefit, is doing, or will confer a benefit on someone I dislike or object to': all such vexation of citta, resentment, repugnance, hostility; ill-temper, irritation, indignation; hate, antipathy, abhorrence; mental disorder, detestation; anger (kodha), fuming, wrath (khujjitatta); hate, hating, hatred, disorder, getting upset, derangement; opposition, hostility; churlishness, abruptness, disgust of citta- this is what is called hate.
Envy, Spite, Secretiveness, Resentment, Bigotry, Long-suffering, Frigidity, Niggardliness, Malice, Sullenness, Churlishness, Hypocrisy, Self-pity, Vindictiveness, Pettiness, Procrastination, Sloth, and Jealousy.
So I'll put my hands up straight away and say it could be churlishness that makes me think most top sportswomen look odd in evening clothes.
When the point of a recording is to showcase compositions by women, critical evaluation can be something of a political minefield--lavish praise may be construed as evidence that the reviewer approached the recording with low expectations, whereas a more guarded assessment could be taken as sexist churlishness in the guise of critical distance.
Pendereck i's change of direction, the churlishness with which he tries to distance himself from his share in New Music in the media makes it harder for me to accept his contemporary work.
34) It would take an uncommon measure of churlishness for a death penalty foe to begrudge Darrell Mease his victory, but the simple truth is that he got lucky because the Pope mentioned him by name and Governor Carnahan, for whatever reason, was moved by the Pope's appeal.
The excess of amiability, according to Aristotle, is obsequiousness, sometimes accompanied by self-serving motives, and the defect is cantankerousness, churlishness, or contentiousness (1126b).
He was relieved to escape them as the train pulled into Red Hook, but he felt not a little displeased by his own churlishness.