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Analysis show significant churn performance discrepancies .
But she says that churn is vital to keep the business moving forward, as well as to give buyers the motivation of promotion.
Because most rural telephone companies provide many competitive services, including long-distance, Internet (dial-up and broadband), wireless, and cable and satellite television services, churn becomes an increasingly important company-wide issue for several reasons.
The frequent scoring of customers and retraining of the model results in always-current churn scores that dynamically update with new data.
11Ants Customer Churn Analyzer can be used to gain insight into at risk customers in sectors such as insurance, retailing, banking, telecommunications, utilities and health clubs.
Telekom Deutschland annualised monthly customer churn by key market;
Mobile Customer Churn: Why It Matters Less in Some Emerging Markets looks at the value of churn as an indicator and analyzes the strength in the value between emerging markets, such as Africa and Asia, and that of other countries.
DIRECTV's shift in strategy from aggressive subscriber growth to focus on subscriber quality and reduce churn is yielding the expected results, as approximately 86% of the company's gross additions during the first quarter of 2006 were higher quality subscribers.
com/research/9369aa/point_of_churn_bes) has announced the addition of the "Point of Churn Best Practice" report to their offering.
April 15 /PRNewswire/ -- As mobile customer retention remains a key focus in both developed and emerging markets, operators should assess the value of churn within the context of key segments, according to a new report from Pyramid Research (www.