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In response to such calls, a hand-operated butter churner (Fig.
If not a volume churner, a special 4x4 variant of the Indica may alter the image of the small car altogether.
The former Dundee United kid admitted the decision was a stomach churner.
From making ice cream in a hand churner with the help of her maid to a factory turning out 2,50,000 buns a day for McDonald's: not bad for a housewife without any fancy degrees or MBA stamp.
In this study, client is treated as churner if he had at least one product (saving account, credit card, cash loan etc.
The vintage Swiss butter churner is a gift from her Swiss husband, Anton.
well, in these latter days of the Age of Reading, being a good reader has the same quaint nostalgia of being, say, a good butter churner.
In many wasted-labor scenes, especially in Danish wall painting, devils physically impede the person working or, in one widely popular domestic context, tease or tempt a woman performing her duties as a churner of butter.
The Charlatans, adding the UK when the '60s hippie band The Charlatans raised copyright issues, scored early with "The Only One I Know," an organ-heavy churner that resurrected specters of Greg Rolie's work with the original Santana and of course Vanilla Fudge.
Sarath explains: a "makamkruka is a churner, an agitator.
Churner, the Court said that the Prison Litigation Reform Act requires that a prisoner seeking money damages exhaust prison administrative remedies, even if the prison cannot provide such a remedy, as long as it can offer the prisoner something of value.