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As mentioned previously, it is more important to hit churners, even if it is paid by hitting some percentage of loyal clients.
Monitoring clients in FFCs and reacting as they approach to churners could be a way for more intelligent churn management.
Appropriate technology, especially nutcrackers and butter churners were in R&D phases.
The other lucky cheese churners are Norman Russell, 25, and Jed Power, 27, from Dumfries, Ross McKee, in his 30s, from Dalbeattie and Alan Stewart, also in his 30s, from Newton Stewart
Suresh Vittal, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research writes, "Emerging techniques like uplift modeling can help marketers do more than identify churners.
The churners were mainly low ARPU generating prepaid subscribers, with relatively less churn in higher ARPU segments.
The combined Teradata and KXEN solution started detecting a high percent of potential churners after a short implementation period.
These promotions usually deliver strong subscriber/SIM card additions with a higher than normal level of churners.
Ten percent of potential churners in the UK, and 20 percent in Italy, would choose to sign up for 3/Tre, but despite its data-centric marketing approach, 3/Tre has to attract customers on price, like all new entrants before it.
Current churn management solutions are based on the premise that last month's churners look like this month's churners.
Further results of the study show that many of last year's churners who had no provider at the time of the survey would quite likely return soon.
SLP InfoWare's ability to identify potential churners and quickly define customer retention actions will help Esat Digifone to continue to build upon its already impressive subscriber base.