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Instead, Martin Engineering designers came up with the idea of raising the chute work about 4 in.
Detective Inspector Paul Franklin said: "She would have been dead if her chute hadn't partially opened.
EZExtenz package includes cylinders mounted compactly on the mixer pedestal, with the retracted chute swiveling into a travel position diagonally along the right side of the mixer drum.
Before retrieving the replacement cable, both QASOs disconnected the linkless feed chute from the ammo-can end, the booster motor cable and all three ends of the firing volts cable.
ARSONISTS may be behind a blaze started in a rubbish chute at a block of flats in Rugby town centre yesterday.
There are spiral chutes from the upper sorter, and straight chutes from the lower one.
He was working at Mayflower Vehicle Systems, in Burnaby Road, Radford, when the hydraulic arm of machine knocked him into the 30ft long chute.
After several designs, the Pumper was integrated with the chute assembly fabricated by a local manufacturer.
And last night, her daughter, Debbie Edwards, said: "My mum was screaming in agony as the kids slid down the chute on top her her.
Acme represents the second chute company acquired in the last 20 months.
Brown was awaiting word from ground controllers about a potentially troublesome drag chute tucked away in Discovery's stern.
Between the two mixers is a discharge flap and chute which would be closed at all times except when the tandem mixer receives the masterbatch.