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Des chutes de neige affecteront les reliefs du Centre et de l'Est du pays depassant les 700 et 800 metres d'altitude a partir de samedi apres-midi, indique l'Office national de meteorologie dans un bulletin meteorologique special (BMS).
Garbage chutes and rooms should also follow a set of safety rules to prevent fires from breaking out in the area.
Tenders are invited for Replacement Of Damaged Liners Of Chute Of 901 Belt Conveyor Feed Chute, 801 Belt Conveyor Feed Chute And Chutes In Ps 8 And Ps 9 At Madhuban Coal Washery Under Block Ii Area
La situation meteorologique sera favorable mercredi apres-midi, au cours de la nuit prochaine et demain jeudi 7 avril, a des chutes de pluies orageuses sur la plupart des regions qui seront temporairement abondantes et localement importantes depassant 50 millimetres, a annonce l'Insitut national de la meteorologie (INM).
In some cases, even chutes treated with a low-friction coating can experience buildup.
Na luta do TKD aconteceram mais chutes do que socos, o chute que causou mais ponto foi o semicircular.
Texas officials are playing Chutes and Ladders with our state's budget, committing to increased spending even in the face of reduced revenue, write Eva DeLuna Castro and Dick Lavine of the Austin-based liberal think tank Center for Public Policy Priorities.
Police were called when the parachute club at Netheravon, Wiltshire, reported the rarity of both chutes failing.
MSM's Hildur Solvadottir, who is heading North American business development, cites productivity and safety benefits EZExtenz offers over conventional chutes, chiefly: minimizing the need to move trucks to multiple site points; eliminating driver back and hand injuries; and, accelerated maneuvering to precise discharge points.
FRIGHTENED holidaymakers leap down emergency chutes after smoke poured from a jet's brakes.
Designed for in-counter mounting, the knock chutes empty directly into an under-counter disposal, making emptying coffee or espresso filters easy.
Crewmen, just because you don't plan to fire your Bradley's M242 automatic gun doesn't mean it's OK to leave the ammo chutes disconnected.