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On a moose leg, the cinched loop stopped at the cinch stop as the lock contacted the mechanism.
Although Spic and Span and Cinch are highly profitable and recognizable consumer brands, they are no longer a strategic fit for us," said Mike Clasper, president of global home care, P&G.
With his addition, we can further our growth in key business segments and new markets," says Joel Christianson, CEO, CINCH systems, Inc.
Additionally, to its complimentary product portfolio, Array Connector boosts Cinch Connector s production capacity with modern machining and molding facilities, extends client base, increases intellectual property rights and augments human capital.
Telecom company Bel Fuse Inc (NASDAQ:BELFA) (NASDAQ:BELFB) reported on Friday the completion of the acquisition of Cinch Connectors for a purchase price of approximately USD37.
The addition of Cinch will enhance Bel's position "as a one-stop supplier of high-performance computing, telecom and data products," the company's president Dan Bernstein said.
Tagged as a 'miracle', the Cinch is claimed by its makers to help women lose weight and shave inches off their waistlines if worn 24 hours a day for six weeks.
Summer is quite an adventure, so be prepared with great pockets and cinch ribbons on these city safari cargos.
Consider labeling the hoses so reconnecting them is a cinch.
There was a time when it was a cinch for the family patriarch to choose who would inherit the family fortune and take control of the family business.