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I selected the placement of the cinch stop by comparing loop sizes that killed trapper-caught wolves by the neck (n = 62) with the circumferences of loops cinched on hunter-killed moose legs (n = 9).
Once a home is framed, the tecBracket simply is attached to a stud, and the cabling is cinched to the bracket.
German (171), a three-time City champion, cinched Povaval in a head lock then turned him over for the pin.
Cinched at the waist by an extravagantly oversized belt, only a recent leather example by Martin Margiela comes close to equaling the largesse of this accessory, it shows definitively how elegance is often refusal of the expected.
Still, she manages to look quite the hot female action hero in a skin-tight black leather cat suit cinched at the waist with, gulp, a corset.