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Or is it the man in an alb, a cincture, an embroidered chasuble, a stole and Orthaheel Walking Shoes?
I noted the angry-pink frilling of the vagina, dainty as the volutes of a cat's ear, and the taut oiled tea-coloured cincture of the anus.
He should have a secret place, sprinkled with holy water, in which he can place the book, after binding it with a priestly cincture and a stole placed in the form of a cross.
The heavens jumped away Bursting the cincture of the zodiac, Shot flares with nothing left to say To us, not coming back Unless they should at last, Like hard-flung dice that ramble out the throw, Be gathered for another cast.
89) At 3,3,5 Theagenes wears a brooch displaying Athena with the Gorgon's head on her shield, and at 3,4,3 Charikleia wears a cincture of serpents.
The observer continuously simplifies himself, partly for journalistic reasons, as when he follows the ancient limits of Rome: 'City walls to a properly constituted American, can never be an object of indifference, and it is emphatically "no end of a sensation" to pace in the shadow of this massive cincture of Rome'.
Missing from Snider's discussion, however, is any analysis of the way Milton treats this issue later in Paradise Lost, when he portrays the change in Adam and Eve from prelapsarian mythic figures to postlapsarian primitives, comparing them to "Indians known / In Malabar or Decan" or "the American so girt / With leathered cincture, naked else and wild" (PL X.
Among them are chasuble and stole, alb and cincture, miter and cope.