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Voxel-based diffusion tensor analysis reveals aberrant anterior cingulum integrity in posttraumatic stress disorder due to terrorism.
Parvodinium Carty genus novum Dinoflagellatum aquae dulcis, ovatae ad quinqueangulatus, theca tenue, ordinatione tabulari Po, 4', 2a, 7", C6, S5, 5'", 2"", chromatophoris aureus, epitheca hypothcamsuperantia, cingulum latum.
Differs from Anthracokeryx, North American Bothriodon, Aepinacodon and Arretotherium, and Euro-American Elomeryx and African Bothriogenys in possessing a strong postprotocristid, tooth rows without significant diastemata between canine and P/1 and/or P/1-P/2, relatively simple P/2-P/3 with posterior cingulid slight, P/4 only slightly elaborated by a strong protocristid and lacking posterior cingulid, premolar lingual cingula absent, molar paracristid ending near base of metaconid and unconnected to anterior cingulum, and molar postentocristid weak ( H.
The lateral margins of lingual surfaces of these teeth appear enlarged, and a high and prominent cingulum is common.
17] The neurons receive afferences from the limbic system and the cingulum.
cum igitur nostra isthaec res litteraria nil alliud quam militia sit, justum valde existimamus ejus cingulum ab illustris prosapie viro, qualis tu es, humiliter petere.